A leading supplier of Gift and Home Décor products, HLD Global prides itself on outstanding design capabilities and attention to quality and detail. Working regularly as a design and manufacturing partner with major retailers, HLD Global creates exclusive programs for both seasonal and everyday occasions.

HLD Global entered into a unique licensing agreement with the Swarovski Crystal components division, allowing the CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements brand to be highlighted on the packaging along with HLD Global's own Harvey Lewis and Regent Square brands. This differentiation further validates the outstanding quality of the Giftware and brings added profits and excitement at retail point of sale. The Giftware line includes a range of Christmas ornaments, a bridal collection, a baby collection, inspirational gifts, jewelry boxes, photo frames, wall décor, key chains, and more.

The HLD Global Home Décor line offers home and office storage programs featuring a creative use of both basic and fashion materials that deliver form and function at affordable prices. The Home Décor line includes an extensive range of totes, crates, charging stations, desk organizers, soft closet storage, lap desks, “Back-to-School” organization systems, storage ottomans, and more.

Emphasis on market research and design development ensures that HLD Global’s Gift and Home Décor products are unique and relevant. As a strategic partner, our experienced and detailed understanding of the retail process provides a unique advantage.


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